Monday, June 1, 2009

LA it's a hell of a town....

Jess took me to this place to eat called M-Cafe... it's pretty much this health food place, very typical of jess.
This place was also my first encounter with a celebrity, jimmy cooper from the OC... tried to be inconspicuous.... i think it worked.



this is the shit that jess was eating, i think it's kelp,or kale or something like moss... whatever.....

I got a taste of the infamous pinkberry that all the LA people eat cause it's so healthy, low in fat, body slimming and whatever the LA people think it does to them.


Found a image that was stupid.
anyway i'm in the midst of trying to delete old photos and get more photos... this will be updated in a bit.

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Dan Loot said...

nice blog! I'm stalking u. but from melbourne so you're pretty safe